UHC Youth!

Molly Stanfield, Youth Advisor

Molly boasts an impressive show history and has much to offer our young riders! 

Horse Shows

UHC Youth have many quality & family oriented shows to participate in.  If not showing, being a ring steward or helping with gates both offer the chance to be a part of UHC Show days!

Youth Participation Award Program

The Youth Participation Award Program rewards activity with the Club!

Stall banners are back!

2018 UHC Youth Participation Award Program

To qualify for this program you must:

  1. Be a youth member of UHC in good standing.
  2. Have participated in a minimum of three (3) shows during the 2018 show season.
  3. Participation includes being an exhibitor,handing out awards, working the gate, being a ring steward, etc. or any combination of services.  For every two (2) hours of service provided by a youth, they will receive the equivalent of 3 classes credited.  This form MUST be signed by the Show Secretary for that show in order to get credit.
  4. Any Youth 10 years & under must show in a total of 14 classes over the 2018 show season.
  5. Youth 11-18 must show in a total of 21 classes over the 2018 show season.
  6. Any Youth 6 & under (leadline) must show in a total of 3 Leadline classes over the 2018 show season.
  7. Youth must complete proper form and turn it in to the show office or mail it to the Youth Advisor within 15 days of the show date. [Molly Stanfield, 159 Stanfield Rd, Reidsville, NC 27320]
  8. Form must be complete. Incomplete forms may not be counted.
  9. Forms must include the class name and number for each show.